Ark Mindwipe Recipe

This tonic induces neural overload when ingested. Synapses fire too quickly, resulting in construction-related damage to the brain’s memory areas.

Warning: consuming this mixture may result in temporary memory loss and the resetting of Engrams.


  • 8 servings of Cooked Prime Meat (24 Cooked Prime Meat)
  • 20 handfuls of Mejoberries (200 Mejoberries)
  • 18 dollops of Narcotic (72 Narcotic)
  • 18 dollops of Stimulant (72 Stimulant)
  • 20 Rare Mushroom
  • 20 Rare Flower


Immerse yourself in water (Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen at least 25 percent full)

In a cooking pot, cook

Mindwipe Tonic’s exact effects are as follows:

Resets your Survivor to its original state. All Engrams are deleted, and all Engram Points are returned to you, allowing you to pick a new set of Engrams. You’ll also get a full re-spec of all your character’s stats, including health and stamina. Everything is reset at the beginning, and you are given fresh options to choose from, effectively rebuilding your survivor.

Ark Mindwipe Recipe

When consumed, this tonic causes neural overload. Synapses fire off too quickly, resulting in damage to the memory centers of the brain related to construction.

Warning: drinking this concoction may cause temporary memory loss and cause the resetting of Engrams.

  • handfuls of Mejoberries
  • dollops of Narcotic
  • Rare Mushroom
  • Rare Flower
  • 20 unit handfuls of Mejoberries
  • 18 unit dollops of Narcotic
  • 20 unit Rare Mushroom
  • 20 unit Rare Flower
  1. Submerge in Water (Waterskin, Water Jar, or Canteen at least 25% full)

  2. Cook in Cooking Pot

Exact effects of Mindwipe Tonic:

Completely resets your Survivor. All Engrams are removed and all Engram Points are returned to you so you can choose a whole new set of Engrams. You also get a complete Re-Spec of all character Stats, such as Health and Stamina. Everything is reset to the very beginning and you are able to select new options, effectively recreating your survivor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make Mindwipe in Ark?

To make Mindwipe Tonic, combine Narcotics, Stimulant, Cooked Prime Meat, Rare Flower, Rare Mushroom, Mejoberry, and Waterskin. It spoils in 5 hours.

Q: Is Mindwipe tonic worth it?

Mindwipe Tonic is the BEST exploit ever. Resets your character back to level 1 and clears out all your engrams, sure this is great for rebuilding your character, but it also KEEPS all of your accumulated XP meaning when you simply get to reassign your stats and engrams again.

Q: How many times can you Mindwipe?

As of v293.100, Mindwipe Tonics can be used once per real time 24 hours since the last usage. As of v259.0 and prior to v293.100, Mindwipe Tonics were only usable once per level. If you were on max Level you could only use it one more time and then never again with this character.

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