Before I get chastised for writing a C*&^%$£~s post in October the organized amongst you will be beginning to prep for festive baking time. While Stir-up Sunday, when you traditionally make Christmas Pudding, isn’t until 20thNovember, now is the time to start on the cake to give it sufficient feeding time. A Christmas Cake that hasn’t … Read more

Boiled Fruit Cake Recipe

I have an addiction. Some people have addiction to shopping, others to gambling, me?…. it’s cooking. Everyday this week I’ve had an overwhelming desire to cook. I get really fidgety until I’ve cooked something! Yesterday I had made my granola by 8am and today a boiled fruit cake was out of the oven by 9.30am. However making … Read more

Little Lunches – Chicken Couscous Salad Recipe

I like lunches that can be thrown together using some store cupboard ingredients and leftovers. I do plan our lunches over the week, but allow flexibility as we sometimes eat out or have leftovers from the night before.This is one of our current favourites and uses our top three store cupboard lunch essentials. Ideal for when … Read more

Easter Biscuits Recipe

These simple buttery biscuits remind me of being a child. Easy to make and so delicious. I can remember making them in school and then scoffing a few before delivering the rest home. They are perfect with a cup of tea and I challenge you to eat just one though. Some recipes put spice in these … Read more

Retro Party Rings Recipe

This post has been a while in the making. Back in April Tate & Lyle sent me a limited edition box of royal icing sugar The intention was to use the sugar for a Royal Wedding bake, but of course the sugar wasn’t suitable for the Mr Whippy Cakes I made so it’s been sitting in the cupboard waiting … Read more

Blue Ballet Squash Honey Drizzle Cake

The weather people love to get us (well me)excited about the prospect of heavy snow. So this morning woke up excited like a child at Christmas only to pull back the curtains and find the most pathetic sprinkling of snow, which soon disappeared after a heavy downpour. Today is Stir-up-Sunday, the last Sunday before Advent and … Read more

Rabbit 1st Birthday Cake Recipe

How fast has the last year gone? 12 months ago I was welcoming LB to the blog and wondering how on earth us foodie selves would cope with a little one. Well here we are, we survived… Just. Some people take their little ones to a farm or zoo for their first birthday, we took her to a restaurant. … Read more

Chocolate Nutella Spider Biscuits

The end of October brings Halloween and this is the perfect excuse to twist things in the kitchen. It doesn’t need to be complicated. The simple sausage wrapped in thin strips of pastry becomes a mummified sausage; chocolate biscuits blended to a powder make convincing edible dirt to accompany marzipan beetles plus a simple pie baked with a … Read more