Hey Duggee Stick Badge Biscuits Recipe

Anyone who has had a child in the last seven years in the UK will have heard of the genius CBeebies show Hey Duggee. It’s one of those rare kids programmes that is written with the grown-ups in mind too. The tadpoles that go on a Gap Yaaar, subtle cultural/film references and the infamous Stick … Read more

Baked Jam Doughnuts Recipe

Next week I’m running a week-long Cookery School for 6-11 year old’s and for the last week I’ve been busy finalizing arrangements and testing recipes. Each day is themed and one of the days is America. We couldn’t do an American themed day without making doughnuts and the fact I have a slight fear of … Read more

The Perfect Two Ingredients Jelly Fluff Recipe

So within the space of a few posts I’ve gone from Michelin starred food to something far less refined. As I’ve spent most of the weekend feeling sorry for myself, after catching a horrible cold off Hubs, I wanted something sweet, comforting and possible to make with the contents of the cupboards. As a child my mum … Read more

3 Best Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes: You Can Make at Home

Get Started With Easy Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes Here are some easy and great recipes to get you started with your electric pressure cooker. Cooking with a pressure cooker not only can greatly speed the preparation of your dinners, but it can be a healthier way of preparing your meals as well. Pressure cooking allows foods to retain … Read more