Black Velvet Beetle Cakes Recipe

We don’t celebrate Halloween as such in our household. Well we don’t trick or treat or encourage trick or treaters, but I do use it as an opportunity to take something and give it a gruesome twist. Last year was a Sweeney Todd Pie to accompany my Mrs Lovatt costume. This year as inspired by a copy … Read more

Beetle Forest Gateau Recipe

Those of you with entomophobia (fear of insects) may want to look away now. When I heard that the first Derby Clandestine Cake Club theme would be Trick or Treat I knew that last year’s Black Beetle Cakes would have to make a reappearance but in a slightly different form. The Clandestine Cake Club (CCC) has strict rules: no brownies, … Read more

Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake Recipe

This Strawberry Milkshake Birthday Cake is delicious and easily adaptable for any shaped cake. The sweet pink icing is flavored with an ingredient you probably already have in the cupboard to give it the authentic milkshake taste. Little Baker (LB) is thankfully still very much in the easy to please stage. Just before her 4th birthday, I … Read more

Coconut Macaroons Recipe

Depending as to where you’re from will dictate what first pops into your head when you hear the word ‘macaroon‘. For me it’s these sweet coconut delights that take me straight back to being 11. Some people call these coconut haystacks. Before trialing this recipe today I think the last time I baked these retro … Read more

Lemon & Lime Cheesecakes Recipe

After making Heston’s Macaroni Cheese last week (seriously try it, it’s amazing!) I was left with most of a packet of cream cheese. Here it’s the kind of ingredient that can languish at the back of the fridge until we remember about it and it’s beginning to grow a fine layer of slimy mold. Ignoring the … Read more

Gin & Tonic Jelly Recipe

To try and get my cooking mojo back I decided to play around with an ingredient I’ve never used before, gelatin. Of course I’ve made jelly from the well known Rowntree blocks, but never from scratch. First challenge was finding leaf gelatin as the recipe I had was insistent that it had to be leaf … Read more

Summer Pudding Recipe

Yet another day of dodging the torrential rain showers. Yesterday after going to the PYO farm and trying to convince myself that yes it is summer (not that the weather wants to make us believe that) I decided to try my hand at Summer Pudding. The smell of the fruits simmering was glorious. You can’t … Read more

Raspberry Truffles Recipe

I have a bit of a raspberry obsession. It is my favorite fruit in the world and when raspberry season comes around I go a bit mad. Well, with the local PYO farm charging just £1 per lb., what do you expect! You’ve probably noticed how raspberries have crept into most sweet things I’ve made … Read more

Guinness Brownies Recipe

Bow down to all that is rich chocolaty goodness. I came across this recipe for Guinness Brownies a few months back, but this is the first opportunity I’ve had to try it out. They have a slightly different texture and taste to normal brownies, but by god do they taste good! The only recipe I … Read more

Raspberry Beer Brownies Recipe

Being married to a man who was brought up close to the UK’s heart of brewing, it’s not surprising that his interest in beer has rubbed off on me. I could quite happily sup on a half pint of porter, but my ultimate favorite has to be Samuel Smith’s fruit beers especially the raspberry one as … Read more