Baileys Cheesecake Recipe

It’s been a busy weekend with tonnes of cooking. Hubby (who currently thinks he is Hugh F-W!) decided to make a clay oven to cook bread in. I’ll have to be honest I was impressed with the bread he managed to cook in it.

The BBQ on Sunday went really well. Unfortunately not many photos due to me drinking quite a bit of pimms early on.

Focaccia – went horribly wrong and tasted awful. May be due to me not having enough strong white bread flour so topping up the recipe with wholemeal bread flour.

Half a shoulder of lamb marinaded in a BBQ sauce – Tasted absolutely delicious. Recipe “borrowed” off a chef who doesn’t want the recipe publicised until his book is out. *rolleyes*

Sweetcorn with Chilli butter – As inspired by Ginger.

Pimms Cocktail – Pimms, pomegranate juice, raspberries & lemonade. As seen on the current Aldi Advert.

Gin soaked watermelon – Never eaten due to the success of the Baileys Cheesecake!

Baileys Cheesecake – I was originally going to do something like banoffee mess for pudding, but my mother-in-law mentioned on Saturday that I should try a recipe with Baileys. I have to say it was absolutely gorgeous. Even my mother-in-law who doesn’t eat puddings due to her diabetes insisted on having a slice!

Baileys Cheesecake Recipe

(easily serves 8)


  • 100g butter
  • 250g digestive biscuits, crushed
  • 600g cream cheese
  • 1 shot of Baileys
  • 100g icing sugar
  • 300ml double cream, whipped
  • 100g grated chocolate


1) Melt butter and mix with crushed biscuits until thoroughly covered. Press into 8in springform tin. Set in fridge for an hour.

2) Lightly whip cream cheese then beat in baileys and icing sugar. Gently fold in cream and chocolate.

3) Refrigerate for 2 hours.

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