Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Recipe

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin’ Jalapeno recipe is a delicious and unique twist on the classic Buffalo Wild Wings. To make it, start by combining 2 tablespoons of butter with 1/2 cup of your favorite hot sauce in a small saucepan over medium heat. Once melted, add 1 tablespoon of honey and blend until completely mixed.

Next, add 3 cloves minced garlic and cook for an additional minute before adding 4 chopped jalapeños to the mixture. Cook another 5 minutes or so until the jalapeños are soft. Finally, pour into a bowl and serve warm or cold over your favorite wings!


The Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Recipe is the perfect dish for those who love bold and spicy flavors. This recipe combines classic buffalo sauce with jalapenos, garlic, and a touch of honey to create an unforgettable flavor that will have your taste buds dancing. Whether you’re looking for a great appetizer or something to spice up dinner, this recipe is sure to be a hit!

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Recipe

What is Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Sauce?

Jammin Jalapeno sauce from Buffalo Wild Wings is a spicy, bold flavored sauce. It features a blend of jalapenos, garlic and cilantro for an explosion of flavor. • Spicy and bold flavoring

• Blended with jalapenos, garlic and cilantro • Perfect addition to chicken wings or nachos • Adds an extra burst of flavor to any dish!

This flavorful sauces adds the perfect kick to dishes such as chicken wings, burgers or even tacos. Jammin Jalapeno is sure to give your favorite recipes that extra zing you’ve been looking for!

What Flavor is Jammin Jalapeno Sauce?

Jammin’ Jalapeno sauce has a unique flavor. It is spicy and smokey, with a hint of sweetness. The key flavors in Jammin’ Jalapeno are:

-Smokey Chipotle peppers -Jalapeño peppers -Garlic, onion and tomato essence

This combination creates a dynamic taste that will tantalize your taste buds!

What Peppers Does Buffalo Wild Wings Use?

Buffalo Wild Wings uses two types of peppers for their dishes: * Jalapeño Peppers – Green, spicy pepper that gives a mild to medium heat. * Habanero Peppers – Very spicy orange pepper with intense heat levels.

These peppers add great flavor and spice to Buffalo Wild Wings’ dishes, allowing customers to enjoy unique flavors.

What is the Hottest Sauce Buffalo Wild Wings Has?

Buffalo Wild Wings offers a variety of sauces and seasonings, ranging from mild to an atomic level of heat. The hottest sauce Buffalo Wild Wings has is their Blazin’ Sauce: • Made with habanero peppers, cayenne pepper and chili flakes

• Has a Scoville rating of 350,000 – 500,000+ • Must be 18 or older to purchase it in-restaurant This fiery hot sauce is sure to bring the heat!

Jammin Jalapeño Wings | The Golden Balance

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Sauce

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Sauce is a hot and spicy sauce perfect for those lovers of heat. This classic Buffalo-style sauce features jalapeño peppers, garlic, and other spices to give wings that extra kick they need. Plus, it also has a hint of tart lime juice to balance out the spiciness.

Whether you’re looking for something to dip your chicken wings in or just want some added flavor on tacos or quesadillas, this zesty sauce will not disappoint!

Jalapeno Wing Sauce Recipe

If you’re looking for a delicious wing sauce recipe to spice up your next party, look no further than this jalapeno wing sauce! This easy-to-make recipe combines hot jalapenos with butter and garlic powder, resulting in the perfect balance of spice and creaminess. Simply mix together the ingredients and simmer until thickened.

Serve over fried or baked wings for an unforgettable meal that will have everyone coming back for more!

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno Review

Buffalo Wild Wings Jammin Jalapeno is a unique flavor that packs a punch of heat. This popular wing sauce has a condiment-like texture and offers just the right amount of spice, making it perfect for wings, burgers, sandwiches, or anything else you can think of. While some find this sauce to be too spicy for their liking, most who have tried it agree that it’s an excellent choice for those who like something with a kick.

Jammin Jalapeno Buffalo Wild Wings Nutrition

Jammin’ Jalapeno Buffalo Wild Wings is a flavorful, spicy alternative to traditional Buffalo Wild Wings. It contains less fat and fewer calories than the original, but still packs plenty of flavor with its combination of jalapeños, garlic, chili powder and cayenne pepper. Per serving (4 pieces), this dish has 150 calories, 8g fat, 1g saturated fat and 540mg sodium.

Jammin Jalapeno Buffalo Wild Wings Reddit

Jammin Jalapeno Buffalo Wild Wings have been a hit on Reddit since they were released in 2018. The combination of jalapeno peppers, buffalo sauce, and ranch dressing makes for an unforgettable flavor experience. Fans love the unique mix of flavors that come together to make this wing sauce so delicious.

Many people claim it’s the best one available at Buffalo Wild Wings and is worth trying if you’re looking for something different from what’s typically offered there.

Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces

Buffalo Wild Wings is a popular restaurant chain known for its wide variety of signature sauces. From the mild and creamy Honey BBQ sauce to the spicy Blazin’ sauce, there is something for everyone. With over 20 different flavors, you can customize your order with any combination of sauces that appeals to your taste buds.

Whether you like it hot or mild, sweet or tangy, Buffalo Wild Wings has the perfect sauce for you!

Nashville Hot Buffalo Wild Wings

Nashville Hot Buffalo Wild Wings is a spicy take on the classic dish that adds cayenne pepper and paprika to give it its signature heat. The sauce also contains brown sugar, garlic powder, black pepper, and vinegar for a tangy flavor that pairs perfectly with the wings. If you’re looking for something hot and flavorful, Nashville Hot Buffalo Wild Wings can’t be beat!

Thai Curry Buffalo Wild Wings

Thai Curry Buffalo Wild Wings is a delicious and unique combination of classic American Buffalo Wild Wings and flavorful Thai curry. The wings are tossed in a sweet, savory, and spicy Thai red curry sauce that is sure to please any palate. This dish can be enjoyed for lunch or dinner as an appetizer or entree, so if you’re looking for something new to try out next time you visit your local Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant, give the Thai Curry flavor a try!


This blog post has provided an easy-to-follow recipe to make Buffalo Wild Wings’ Jammin Jalapeno wings at home. With the right ingredients and a little bit of effort, you can recreate this delicious dish in your own kitchen. The combination of buttery garlic, spicy jalapenos, and sweet honey make for a unique flavor that will keep everyone coming back for more.


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