Cactus Candy Recipe

Ingredients: 2 cups sugar 3/4 cup light corn syrup

1/4 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon butter or margarine 1 teaspoon red food coloring (optional)

Instructions: 1. In a medium-sized saucepan, combine the sugar, light corn syrup, and salt; stir until all ingredients are evenly mixed together. Place the pan over medium heat and cook for about 5 minutes, stirring occasionally to prevent burning.

When mixture begins to boil and bubble vigorously, reduce heat slightly so it continues to simmer but does not burn. 2. Continue cooking until mixture reaches 300 degrees Fahrenheit on a candy thermometer (hard ball stage). Remove from heat when temperature is reached; immediately add butter or margarine and food coloring if desired; stir well until completely combined with other ingredients in pan.

3. Pour cactus candy into lightly greased 8×8 inch baking dish; allow to cool at room temperature before cutting into jagged shapes resembling cacti spines with a knife or scissors dipped in cold water between cuts as needed. Enjoy!

Cacti have become a popular decorative item in many homes, but they can also be used to make a delicious and fun treat! With just a few simple ingredients, you can easily whip up this cactus candy recipe. Not only is it super easy to make, but the end result looks like something out of an old-fashioned candy store.

Plus, who doesn’t love the unique taste of cactus? So if you’re looking for something different to add to your dessert table or sweeten up your next party, this cactus candy is sure to do the trick!

Cactus Candy Recipe


Q: What Ingredients Do I Need to Make Cactus Candy

Ingredients for cactus candy: • 1/2 cup sugar • 1/4 cup light corn syrup

• 2 tbsp water • Green food coloring as needed • Cactus shapes mold.

You will also need a medium saucepan, an electric mixer and parchment paper. To make the cactus candy mix together the sugar, corn syrup, water and green food coloring in the saucepan over low heat until dissolved. Then pour into bowl of electric mixer to cool before adding cactus shaped molds on top of parchment paper and pouring mixture into them.

Allow to cool before serving!

Q: How Long Does It Take to Prepare the Cactus Candy

It usually takes about 10-15 minutes to prepare the cactus candy. The steps involved in preparing this unique Mexican delicacy are: • Soaking the prickly pear fruits in lime juice for 15-20 minutes

Boiling the fruits until they become soft and tender • Straining out any remaining seeds or pulp from the fruit mixture • Mixing sugar and water to create a syrup before adding it to the fruit mixture

• Simmering everything together for 30 minutes or till thickened, stirring occasionally • Allowing it cool before serving as a sweet treat. Once these simple steps are followed, your delicious cactus candy is ready!

After That You Will Need to Let Your Mixture Cool before Pouring into Molds Or Rolling Out on Wax Paper

Once your mixture is complete, remove it from the heat and let it cool. This is an important step as it will allow you to shape your candy into the desired form: • Pour into molds

• Roll out on wax paper Ensuring that the mixture has cooled sufficiently before doing so will help ensure that you end up with a successful batch of homemade candy!

Q: Can I Use a Different Type of Sugar for My Cactus Candy Recipe

Yes, you can use a different type of sugar for your cactus candy recipe. Here are some alternatives: – Brown Sugar: Adds a richer flavor and deeper color to the candy.

– Coconut Sugar: Has a slight caramel taste with notes of butterscotch. – Maple Syrup or Honey: Both will impart unique flavors to the candy, as well as adding moisture. Whichever option you choose, make sure to adjust any other liquids in the recipe accordingly.

Cactus Candy has been a local sweet treat since 1942


This cactus candy recipe is an easy way to make something unique and special for any occasion. With a few simple ingredients and a little bit of time, you can create a delicious treat that will be sure to impress your guests. By adding decorative touches like sprinkles or edible glitter, you can make the cacti look even more attractive and inviting.

Whether making these candies for yourself or as gifts, this recipe is sure to bring smiles all around!


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