Christmas Pudding Krispie Cakes

This Christmas is going to be very different for us. Last year was spent it telling our families of the impending arrival of Little Baker (LB) by giving the future grandparents this book and counting the seconds before the penny dropped and tear/squeals started. This year 5-month-old LB will be joining us at the dinner table, not to eat as she’s not quite old enough yet, but to preside over the feast. How long she’ll be happy in the high chair before wanting to sit on someone’s lap is another matter.

Looking back I seem to have a thing about making food christmas pudding shaped. These are simply rice krispie cakes with some fruit added for good measure. They are quick to make, cheap and perfect for that moment when you realise you’ve forgotten to make something for the charity Christmas cake stall stand. Alternatively if Hub’s birthday bake goes wrong today he may get these.

They are not the most photogenic to make. Or should I say I struggled to make my batch (made by me, a 30-something who’s usually a perfectionist) not look like a 7-year old had made them. If you wear disposable gloves it is possible to roll this mixture into balls, but it is easier to spoon the mixture directly in to a paper case.

I got the holly & berry sprinkles used on these cakes as soon as they appeared in Sainsbury’s back in October. I’ve spotted them appearing in Morrisons and cake decorating stores too, but be quick as they seem to disappear fast.

So as another Christmas rapidly draws closer have a very merry Christmas everyone!

Christmas Pudding Krispie Cakes

Makes 12
Prep Time: 20 mins
Course: Dessert
Keyword: Christmas
Servings: 12


  • 100 g milk chocolate
  • 60 g rice krispies
  • 25 g dried mixed fruit
  • 50 g white chocolate
  • holly and berry sprinkles You could also make them from sugarpaste or glacé cherries & angelica


  • Melt the milk chocolate.
  • Stir the rice krispies and mixed fruit in to the melted chocolate until well coated
  • Share the mixture between 12 paper cakes
  • Melt the white chocolate then drizzle this over the krispie cakes.
  • Decorate with the holly and berries then allow the chocolate to set.

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