Island Oasis Pina Colada Recipe

Ingredients: – 2 ounces of white rum – 4 ounces pineapple juice

– 1 ounce coconut cream – A handful of crushed ice. Instructions:

1) Pour all the ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. 2) Serve immediately in a chilled glass, garnished with a pineapple slice or an umbrella if desired. 3) Enjoy your Island Oasis Pina Colada!

This delicious Island Oasis Pina Colada is the perfect way to get your summer started off right! With only four simple ingredients, you can easily whip up this creamy and refreshing tropical drink. It’s a great choice for pool parties, beach days, or just an anytime treat that will make you feel like you’re on vacation.

The pineapple juice and coconut cream create a smooth and sweet flavor while the rum adds a hint of warmth. Enjoy it served in a glass rimmed with sugar for an extra bit of sweetness.

Island Oasis Pina Colada Recipe


Q: What Type of Ingredients are Used in Island Oasis Pina Colada

Island Oasis Pina Colada is made with natural ingredients including: * White Rum * Coconut Cream

* Pineapple Juice * Cane Sugar. These ingredients are blended together to create a smooth and creamy texture, perfect for any summer day!

Q: How Long Does It Take to Make the Island Oasis Pina Colada

It takes about 5 minutes to make an Island Oasis Pina Colada. To prepare the drink, you will need: * 2 ounces of pineapple juice

* 1 ounce of cream of coconut * ½ ounce lime juice * Ice cubes

Combine all these ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Serve with a cherry on top if desired. Enjoy!

Q: Is There an Easier Way to Make a Pina Colada Using the Island Oasis Mix

Yes, there is an easier way to make a pina colada using the Island Oasis mix. Here are the steps: • Fill blender with 8oz of ice cubes

• Add 4oz of pineapple juice • Pour in 2-3 scoops of Island Oasis Pina Colada Mix • Blend until desired consistency is achieved.

The entire process should take no more than five minutes and you will have a delicious and refreshing pina colada!

Easy Pina Colada Smoothie with Island Oasis drink mix


This Island Oasis Pina Colada recipe is the perfect way to have a tropical escape without ever leaving your home. With just a few ingredients and minimal time, you can whip up this delicious, creamy concoction in no time! Not only does it taste great, but its unique flavor combination of pineapple and coconut will surely transport you to an island oasis during these summer months.

Whether you’re looking to relax poolside or enjoy some quality family time at home, this refreshing drink will definitely hit the spot!


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