Steak Ala Mama Recipe

Ingredients 1 pound skirt steak 2 tablespoons olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced 1/4 cup white wine or beef broth 1 teaspoon dried oregano

Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste Instructions: 1. Heat the olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add the steak and cook until lightly browned, about 3 minutes per side.

Transfer to a plate and set aside. 2. Reduce heat to medium-low and add the garlic to the skillet; sauté for 1 minute until fragrant. Pour in the white wine or beef broth, scraping up any brown bits from bottom of pan with a wooden spoon; bring liquid to a boil for about 2 minutes, stirring occasionally until thickened slightly.

3. Return steak back into pan along with oregano; season with salt and pepper as desired then simmer everything together for 5 minutes more or until steak is cooked through (145°F internal temperature). 4. Serve warm alongside your favorite sides such as mashed potatoes or steamed vegetables!

This savory Steak Ala Mama recipe is the perfect way to treat yourself and your family! This hearty dish features juicy steak slices, cooked in a flavorful garlic tomato sauce. Serve it up with some crusty bread or a side of mashed potatoes for an easy but delicious meal that everyone will love!

Steak Ala Mama Recipe


What is Garlic Butter Sauce Made Of?

Garlic butter sauce is a savory and creamy condiment made from a few simple ingredients. It is prepared with: * Butter

* Garlic * Salt * Parsley (optional)

All these ingredients are combined to make the delicious garlic butter sauce that can be used for various dishes, such as pasta, seafood, or steamed vegetables.

How to Cook a Steak Martha Stewart?

Cooking a steak Martha Stewart-style is simple and delicious. Here’s how to do it: • Preheat the oven to 375°F.

• Rub both sides of the steak with olive oil, salt, and pepper. • Place the steak on an oven-safe pan or dish. • Bake for 10 minutes per side (20 minutes total).

• Check temperature using a meat thermometer – 140°F for medium rare; 160°F for medium; 170°F for well done. Once you’ve reached your desired temperature, remove from oven and let rest before serving!

What is the Best Steak Sauce?

The best steak sauce is a matter of personal preference. Some popular options include: – Worcestershire Sauce: Adds a savory, zesty flavor with subtle sweetness and tanginess.

– A1 Steak Sauce: Features notes of tomato, onion, garlic, raisin, orange peel and molasses. – HP Brown Sauce: Offers a smoky blend of tomato puree, spices and vinegar. No matter the choice you make each adds complexity to your steak that can’t be replicated any other way!

How Does Gordon Ramsay Make Steak Diane?

Gordon Ramsay makes steak Diane with a few simple steps. • In a hot skillet, season the steak with salt and pepper and sear each side for about 2 minutes. • Remove the seared steaks from the pan, add butter and garlic to the same pan, then return steaks back in.

• Add brandy or cognac to deglaze the pan and let it reduce by half before adding mushrooms. • Once all ingredients are added, turn off heat and finish with Worcestershire sauce, cream and parsley. Finally serve steaks garnished with chives on top of mashed potatoes or other sides of choice!



Steak Ala Papa

Steak Ala Papa is a popular Latin American dish, usually made with beef steak and potatoes. It is often served as an appetizer or side dish at a variety of restaurants. The steak is typically cooked in butter, garlic, onions, and spices to create a flavorful combination.

Potatoes are added for texture and flavor, while other vegetables such as bell peppers can be used for additional color and nutrition. Serve this delicious dish with warm tortillas or over rice to complete the meal!

Steak a La Steak Chinese

Steak a la Steak Chinese is a traditional dish that originated in the Chinese city of Guangzhou. It consists of beef steak marinated in soy sauce, sugar, and other seasonings then pan-fried until golden brown. The steak is usually served with steamed rice or noodles and vegetables.

This dish is known for its savory flavor and tender texture, making it a favorite among diners who love to indulge in Asian cuisine.


This Steak Ala Mama recipe is a great way to enjoy steak while adding a unique twist with delicious, creamy flavors. It’s an easy dish that can be prepared in very little time, making it perfect for busy weeknights. The combination of the savory steak and flavorful sauce makes for an irresistible meal that your family will love.

With its simple ingredients and straightforward instructions, this recipe is sure to become one of your favorite go-to meals!


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