Yoni Scrub Recipe

Yoni Scrub Recipe: Ingredients: 2 tablespoons of honey, 1 tablespoon of sea salt, 3 drops of lavender essential oil. Instructions: Combine the honey and salt together in a bowl and mix until well blended.

Add the essential oil to the mixture and stir again until completely combined. Place the scrub into a clean jar or container with an airtight lid and store away from direct sunlight. To use this scrub, dampen your skin in warm water before applying it to your yoni area in circular motions for about 5 minutes then rinse off with cool water followed by patting dry with a soft towel.

This gentle exfoliation will leave your skin feeling refreshed while also nourishing it at the same time!

If you’re looking for a simple and natural way to keep your skin feeling smooth and soft, try making your own yoni scrub! This easy-to-make exfoliating scrub will help remove dead skin cells while nourishing the underlying layers of the skin. All you need is some sugar, coconut oil, honey and essential oils like lavender or tea tree.

Mix all these ingredients together until they form a thick paste that can be applied directly to your yoni area. Scrub away gently in circular motions before rinsing off with warm water – it’s that easy! Not only will this soothing homemade scrub leave your delicate bits feeling refreshed, but also smelling amazing too!

Yoni Scrub Recipe

What are the Ingredients for Yoni Scrub?

Yoni scrub is a product used for intimate hygiene. It typically contains natural ingredients that help remove bacteria, odors, and dirt from the delicate skin of the Yoni area. The main ingredients are:

* Sea salt – helps remove dead skin cells and unclog pores. * Coconut oil – helps moisturize and soften the skin. * Lavender essential oil – has antimicrobial properties that can reduce infection in the area.

* Apple cider vinegar – acts as an astringent to protect against unwanted bacterial growth and odor-causing bacteria. All these ingredients help create a gentle exfoliating experience while providing nourishment to help revitalize your intimate health naturally!

How Do You Make Yoni Turmeric Scrub?

Making a Yoni turmeric scrub is an easy and simple process. Here’s how to do it: • Combine 1/2 cup of Epsom salt with 2 tablespoons of ground turmeric.

• Heat up 1/4 cup of melted coconut oil, then stir in the dry ingredients until you have formed a paste. • Add 10 drops each of tea tree oil and lavender essential oils for their soothing properties. • Gently massage onto your yoni area for 5 minutes before rinsing off with warm water.

The result is a natural scrub that helps reduce inflammation, soothe irritation, and restore balance to your intimate area.

How Do You Exfoliate Yoni?

Exfoliating your Yoni is an important part of maintaining its health and hygiene. Here are the steps to do so: • Gently wash the area with warm water and mild, unscented soap.

· Use a soft cloth or loofah in small, circular motions from top to bottom. • Rinse thoroughly with warm water afterwards. • Dry off completely with a clean towel afterward.

Additionally, you can use store-bought exfoliators specifically designed for areas like the Yoni that contain natural ingredients such as sugar or coffee grounds for gentle exfoliation.

What Does Yoni Scrub Do?

Yoni scrub is a product used to exfoliate and cleanse the skin. It helps to remove dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and excess oil from the surface of the vagina. Benefits include:

* Improved circulation in your vaginal area * Smoother feeling skin * Reduced risk of infection due to better hygiene

It can also help reduce odor associated with common vaginal infections. Yoni scrubs are gentle enough for daily use and provide long-lasting results.

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Yoni Scrub Ingredients

Yoni scrubs are a great way to keep your intimate area clean and free from bacteria. Yoni scrub ingredients typically include natural oils like coconut, sunflower, jojoba, or almond oil as the base. Other ingredients may include sugar, salt, oat flour, herbs such as chamomile or lavender for their calming properties or essential oils like tea tree oil which can help fight off unwanted bacteria.

Yoni Lightening Scrub Recipe

Yoni lightening scrubs are great for those looking to achieve a brighter and even skin tone around the vulva area. This recipe is easy to make at home and only requires three simple ingredients: baking soda, turmeric powder, and honey. Simply mix all of these together until they form a paste-like consistency and apply to your yoni twice a week.

Leave it on for 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water – this scrub can help reduce discoloration, making your skin appear more even in color!


This yoni scrub recipe is a great way to naturally exfoliate your body and keep it healthy. With just a few simple ingredients, you can make this easy DIY scrub with no artificial chemicals or smells. Not only does this recipe provide an effective skin care routine, but it also provides relief from discomfort during certain times of the month due to its anti-inflammatory effects.

With its all natural formulation, this yoni scrub is sure to bring you long lasting benefits for an overall healthier lifestyle.


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